Our Top 10 Favorite Catalina Island Activities

To say we love Catalina Island would be an understatement. We love love LOVE Catalina Island! After all, what’s not to love? You’ve got nature, history, art, culture, food, shopping, sports, education, thrills, and so much more! Catalina Island truly offers something for everyone — and the stunning views from our Hamilton Cove villas can’t be beat either.

Our SoCal family spends a lot of precious time on this beautiful island. We’ve made so many memories on Catalina, it truly has a piece of our heart. We’ve been deeply connected with the Catalina Island community over the years, and it has been such a joy to see the island grow and evolve, while staying true to its unique history and culture.

Since we’re so tuned into the Catalina Island/Avalon community, we’ve had a chance to try out every activity imaginable. We’d like to share with you our family’s top 10 favorites.

Our Favorite Catalina Island Activities

Here are our top 10 faves, in no particular order:

1. Falconry Experience

The Catalina Island Falconry Experience is truly magical and unforgettable. It’s the perfect Catalina Island outing for both adults and kids. Everyone will be in awe of these majestic birds of prey, and you’ll learn so much while interacting with them one on one! Our sons love the Falconry Experience, and we’re confident you will too. Dave the Falconer is incredibly knowledgeable and is sure to make the experience one for the books!

catalina island falconrycatalina island falconrycatalina island falconrycatalina falconry experience

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2. Zipline Eco Tour

If you love nature, the outdoors, and speed, then the Zipline Eco Tour is for you!

After your safety lesson, a shuttle will take you up 600 feet above the Descanso Beach Club, and from there you’ll zigzag down at speeds up to 35 mph while enjoying magnificent views of the ocean, trees, and Catalina wildlife.

catalina island ziplinecatalina island ziplinecatalina ziplinecatalina zipline

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3. Aerial Adventure – High Ropes Course

The Aerial Adventure is another thrill-seeking outing that’s perfect for kids and kids at heart! The adventure offers several self-guided ropes courses to choose among, from beginner to intermediate to advanced levels.

catalina island aerial coursecatalina island ropes course

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4. Snorkeling

Snorkeling is one of the best ways to see the incredible wildlife of Catalina Island. Catalina is known for its amazing snorkeling and diving, as the water is clear and clean and the sea life is plentiful.

catalina island snorkeling

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5. Descanso Beach

Want to relax and unwind? Descanso Beach Club is the perfect spot on Catalina Island. Enjoy beachside food and beverages at the Descanso Beach Club restaurant, swim in the water, play in the sand, or simply recline and soak up the sun.

Descanso beachDescanso beachDescanso beach

6. Parasailing & Tubing

Parasailing is yet another outdoor/water activity you can enjoy on Catalina Island. Adventurous spirits will love this fun adventure! Feel the wind in your hair and the ocean spray while soaring above the Catalina coastline.

catalina island parasailing

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7. Fishing

Rent or charter a boat and spend the day fishing! Lots of different types of fish abound, and what’s more relaxing than being out on the water?

catalina island fishingcatalina island fishingcatalina island fishingcatalina island fishing

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8. Museum

The Catalina Island Museum is perfect for a day when the weather is chilly or rainy and you’d just rather be indoors, or when you’re feeling like having an educational and cultural experience!

catalina island museumcatalina island art

Learn more about the museum, current exhibits, and get your tickets here.

9. Helicopter Tour

Explore Catalina Island from an aerial view with a helicopter tour around the island. The helicopter tour is a fun and exciting way to take in all the sights of Catalina from a different vantage point.

catalina islandcatalina island helicopter

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10. Eco Tour

Learn more about all the wildlife on Catalina Island, including our friends the bison! Catalina Island Conservancy offers lots of recreational activities, including Eco Tours.

catalina island bison

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Bonus: Hanging out at Hamilton Cove!

One of our family’s most favorite things to do is spend time in our Hamilton Cove villa. Honestly, we have the best time! We play board games, swim in the pool, play in the grassy area together, and enjoy eating or simply lounging on our beautiful balcony overlooking the ocean. We hope you’ll join us and stay in one of our Hamilton Cove villas on your next trip to Catalina Island!

catalina island hamilton cove poolcatalina island hamilton cove poolcatalina island wildlifecatalina island family funcatalina island family funcatalina island

We are so grateful to Catalina Island for enriching our family’s lives over the years, and we want you to experience it too! Let us know how we can help you plan your stay!