Travel Insurance

Although we hope our trips will go as planned without any surprises, sometimes emergencies happen before or during our travels. These emergencies and unexpected circumstances can be costly, especially if far from home. Rather than assuming all of the additional financial risks of traveling, we offer Travel Insurance from Safely.

Safely’s Insurance protects up to 100% of your vacation investment for covered reasons such as:

  • Trip interruptions like natural disasters
  • Trip delay and baggage loss
  • Car rental collision
  • Pet medical expense
  • Illness (including COVID), injury or death in the family or to someone in the traveling party

You may purchase Travel Insurance any time up to 10 days prior to your arrival date.

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Trip Cancellation

Trip cancellation coverage can reimburse you up to the covered limit for prepaid, non-refundable travel related costs. What kind of prepaid costs? Basically, any prepaid travel related costs that wouldn’t be refunded if you canceled your trip before your scheduled departure date. Some common prepaid, non-refundable costs might include:

  1. Deposits.
  2. Pre-arranged expenses, attraction fees.
  3. Rent for vacation homes or similar properties.

Covered Events

Trip cancellation benefits will kick in if you cancel your trip before your scheduled departure date and if you cancel due to a covered event as explained in the policy. Some of the events may include (this is not an exhaustive list):

  1. Sickness, injury, or death of a family member which prevents the trip from starting.
  2. Natural disasters like hurricanes or vandalism and burglaries which makes the destination uninhabitable.
  3. You or a traveling companion is laid off or terminated.
  4. Your passport is lost or stolen within 30 days of trip departure and you need the passport to reach your destination.

Trip Interruption

This coverage is similar to trip cancellation since the same events are possibly covered. The difference is this benefit kicks in after your departure date and during your trip. Unused portions of non-refundable pre-paid costs and additional transportation costs may be reimbursed.

Trip Delay

Traffic jams, airport delays, inclement weather, and more can prevent you from starting a trip on time. These delays could prevent you from reaching your destination and you might end up paying extra charges due to a delay. This coverage can pay for these incurred expenses up to a certain limit.