Introducing Catalina Island Local Artist, Kymberlee Stanley!

We had the incredible privilege of meeting Catalina Island artist Kymberlee Stanley and fell in love with her Catalina Island inspired paintings.

We have since purchased many of Kymberlee’s pieces to adorn our beautifully decorated Hamilton Cove villas!

About the Artist

Kymberlee Stanley artist

Here’s a little bit of Kymberlee’s story, from her website:

I grew up on the California Coast, a fourth generation Southern Californian accustomed to a color palette of bright blue hues, burnt sienna cliff hues, and turquoise waters. My fondest memories are of playing in the water on vacation on Catalina Island when I was four years old, which later guided my way back to the island to live and paint.

In 2019, I returned with my husband and daughter to live and work on Catalina Island as licensed clinical social worker between 2019-2022 – a dream come true. During these years, I fell in love with painting in plein air on the island, and painted after work in a shipping container studio overlooking Pebbly Beach. I painted to cope with the demands of being a mental health director during the shut-down of the pandemic. I painted because I was starving for color and beauty. I painted live demos in the Catalina Art Association Gallery window facing front street, paddled out on my paddle board to take photos of boats and painted them in my studio, painted island bungalows in the streets, painted ocean sunsets from my balcony, and drove my Jeep to paint the protected island interior.

In Fall of 2022, my family and I made the decision to move back to our Nashville home and studio for our daughter to start High School. I became a bi-coastal artist working both from my Nashville studio and my studio in Dana Point, California. I continued painting images of the brilliant greens and blue skies in Nashville, and the color of the California water which helped restore me through cancer diagnosis and treatment in 2022-2023. I am deeply committed to using coastal color and beauty to grow through pain, growth, and faith. I am active in the local Chestnut Group, Laguna Plein Air Association, and many local shows both in Nashville and California. My journey continues from here.

Where can you find Kymberlee’s Catalina Island artwork?

Kymberlee’s art is featured annually at the Catalina Island Art Festival booth on front street in September each year. Her paintings and prints are also displayed at the Catalina Island Art Association Gallery, Ciao Baci Boutique, and the Catalina Island Museum of Art and History daily. You can also visit her Dana Point, CA studio (by appointment only).

The 64th Annual Catalina Island Festival of Art is coming September 15-17, 2023! Learn more here.

If you live on Catalina Island, have visited and love Catalina Island, or are about to visit Catalina Island, do yourself a favor and check out the beautiful art of Kymberlee Stanley around town or in one of our Hamilton Cove villas!

Kymberlee is as lovely, warm, and friendly as she is talented. We are so grateful to know her and support her!

Visit to learn more about Kymberlee and her beautiful artwork!